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How to change car coolant?How to change the coolant yourself

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We all know that the coolant of the car should be replaced after it has been used for two years, or after the car has driven more than 40,000 kilometers. If it is a taxi or a long-distance bus, the replacement time should be shortened. , then how do you replace the coolant yourself? The following explains all the steps for replacing the coolant yourself.

1. Turn the car key forward to turn off the engine;

2. Let the engine wait for the water temperature to drop to normal temperature;

3. Open the engine hood;

4. Unscrew the small water tank cover of the water tank to discharge the pressure in the cooling system;

5. The coolant is added between the highest scale and the lowest scale in the water tank;

The role of coolant is as follows:

1. The coolant can play a very good role in anti-corrosion protection for many components in the cooling system;

2. The coolant can prevent the accumulation of scale, and can also prevent the cooling effect of the radiator from being reduced;

3. The coolant can also ensure that the engine can work within the normal temperature range and the temperature will not be too high or too low.

When we use coolant, we also need to pay attention that the coolant cannot be mixed, nor can we choose inferior coolant, which will not only reduce the cooling effect, but also have a certain impact on the engine. It is necessary to replace the coolant regularly, so that the effect of the coolant can be normalized. Normally, as long as you buy the corresponding coolant and replace it yourself, you don't need to go to the 4s shop for replacement.