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Can adding fuel to a car to remove carbon deposits?

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Fuel treasure can be divided into combustion-supporting fuel treasure and clean fuel treasure. The main function of the combustion-supporting fuel treasure is to increase the combustion speed of gasoline, thereby stimulating the potential of the engine. The clean fuel treasure is mainly used to clean up the carbon deposits in the engine system to ensure its normal operation.

Under normal circumstances, adding fuel oil to the car can not only remove carbon deposits, but also reduce wear, improve atomization efficiency and prolong the service life of the engine. It should be noted that if you are going to use the fuel treasure, you need to add the fuel treasure and gasoline first, so that the two oils can be well mixed, and the fuel treasure will work better.

The reason why the fuel treasure can remove carbon deposits in auto parts is because it is rich in purification factors, which can remove carbon deposits on intake valves, intake manifolds and fuel injectors to optimize car performance. In addition, it can also purify the substances in the fuel that easily form carbon deposits, and fundamentally prevent the formation of carbon deposits.

have researchFind, In the car that uses the fuel treasure, not only the maximum net power of the engine has been increased on the original basis, but even the maximum net torque has become larger. In addition, because the gasoline is purified, the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions of the car are reduced (only 60%-70% of the original), so it can be seen that the gasoline with the fuel treasure is cleaner.

There are many brands and types of fuel treasures on the market. In order to save money, some car owners buy and use fuel treasures with poor quality and substandard standards. These products not only cannot effectively remove the formed carbon deposits, but also may affect engine performance. It's not worth it, and I don't recommend doing it.