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How to use the car wiper switch?How to switch car wipers

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WiperThe usage rate in daily life is extremely high. It can not only clean up rainwater for drivers to maintain a good vision in rainy days, but also remove impurities and garbage on the glass in daily life. But many novice drivers will have such a question: how to use the switch of the wiper of the car?

In fact, the operation method of the wiper is very simple and convenient. Usually, there will be obvious operation signs on the sticks protruding on the right side of the steering wheel to remind drivers how to do it. When you need to use the wipers, you only need to gently wave the lever to shift with your fingers.

The general gear is divided into four levels, and the wiper will increase its strength with the upgrade of the level, and it will fluctuate more quickly. Drivers can adjust according to their needs. When finished, just turn it to the OFF button to turn off the wipers. What I need to remind all drivers and friends is that it may not be the same for every car. Because of the different models, the switch design of the wiper will also be slightly different, but they may only be different in the rotation direction of the lever, that's all. .

Therefore, when using it, pay more attention to the prompt words on the lever for better operation.If you still can't use it clearly, you can ask the car'sbusinesshome to better understand.

Finally, it is suggested that all drivers must check and replace the wiper regularly in life, because the wiper is used more frequently, and the degree of wear and aging will be faster. For better use, it should be checked and replaced regularly.