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Travel safely on May Day! Should you go to a 4S shop for maintenance before traveling by car?

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Car owner’s home car knowledge】Every time before a holiday, many car websites will publish some similar articles such as "XX maintenance that needs to be done before self-driving travel". It gives people the feeling that maintenance should be done as long as you travel by car during holidays. So, is it really necessary to go to a 4S store for maintenance before traveling by car?

Travel safely on May Day! Should you go to a 4S shop for maintenance before traveling by car?

Below, we will tell you through some actual situations whether you should go to a 4S store for maintenance before traveling by car.

1. It’s not necessary because cars have maintenance intervals

As we all know, before each car leaves the factory, the manufacturer will stipulate an optimal maintenance cycle. Generally, it is maintained every 5,000 or 6,000 kilometers. There are also longer maintenance periods, every 10,000 kilometers.

These distances are "safety cycles" set by manufacturers based on their own vehicle conditions. As long as the car owner performs maintenance according to this cycle, the vehicle will generally have no problems and will be able to run in a better condition.

In other words, if the mileage since the latest maintenance plus the mileage of the self-driving trip does not exceed the maintenance period specified by the manufacturer, you can choose to perform maintenance after the self-driving trip.

Of course, if your self-driving trip is to Tibet or purely off-roading, that’s a different story.

2. It’s not necessary, because there are many testing items that you can do yourself

Go to a 4S store for maintenance, which is nothing more than changing the oil, changing the filter, and checking tire wear, braking effect, wipers, etc.

Among them, changing the oil and filter only requires regular maintenance, and there is no need to replace them frequently. As for the inspection of tire wear, wiper and braking effects, car owners can check it themselves. If problems are found, they can go to a professional repair shop for repairs.

3. It’s not necessary because you are not using the car to do extreme sports.

As we mentioned earlier, as long as car owners follow the prescribed maintenance intervals, there will usually be no problems with the vehicle. However, this is subject to the premise that the car owner must use it under normal circumstances. If you use the car for drifting or mountain cross-country, you cannot maintain it according to this cycle.

Because extreme actions such as off-roading and drifting have high requirements on car performance and quality, only by ensuring that the vehicle is in optimal operating condition can the vehicle avoid accidents. In addition, extreme sports cause great damage to vehicles and speed up the replacement cycle of parts.

Therefore, if you do regular self-driving activities, there is no need to perform maintenance before each self-driving tour.

in conclusion:The purpose of maintenance is to keep the car running in a good condition. If you are not interested in machinery or you are not short of money, it is good to go to a 4S shop for comprehensive maintenance before traveling by car. However, if all factors are considered, maintenance is usually completely unnecessary before driving.

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