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Car paint maintenance: don’t ignore how to properly maintain the paint

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Car owner’s home car knowledgeSome car owners will find that metallic paint is more expensive than ordinary paint when buying a car, and they will have doubts when purchasing. Why are some car paint colors metallic paint and some ordinary paint? What is the difference between metallic paint and ordinary paint? In fact: car paint is divided into ordinary paint, metallic paint and pearlescent paint.

1. General knowledge of automobile paint:

For cars, in addition to being decorative, car paint also has protective properties such as anti-corrosion, anti-rust, high and low temperature resistance, stain resistance, and impact resistance. Therefore, car paint is not a simple layer like furniture paint, but is generally composed of a phosphating film, an electrophoretic layer, a mid-coat paint, a color paint layer and a varnish layer. Among them, the phosphating film and electrophoresis layer are both primers, and the color paint layer and varnish layer are topcoats.

Metallic paint: Also called metallic flash paint, it is a popular automotive topcoat. Fine aluminum particles are added to its paint base. After the light hits the aluminum particles, it is reflected by the aluminum particles through the air film. Therefore, it appears as if the metal is sparkling. By changing the shape and size of the aluminum particles, you can control the glitter of the metallic glitter paint film. On the outside of the metallic paint, a layer of varnish is added for protection.

Pearlescent paint: Also called mica paint, it is also a popular automotive topcoat. Its principle is basically the same as metallic paint. It uses mica instead of aluminum particles. Its paint base contains mica pigments coated with titanium dioxide and iron oxide. After the light hits the mica particles, it first takes on the color of titanium dioxide and iron oxide, and then undergoes complex refraction and interference in the mica particles. At the same time, mica itself also has a special, transparent color. In this way, the reflected light has a pearl-like sparkle. Moreover, titanium dioxide itself has a yellow color, which changes to light blue when squinted. It has different colors when viewed from different angles.

In addition to its high hardness, metallic paint can also express the beauty of the car body. Another reason why "metallic paint" is becoming more and more common is that it is mixed with metal powder. With the metal component, the hardness of the paint increases and the paint surface becomes hard, making it less likely to be scratched.

There are some plain paints that are not metallic paints, such as white, black, bright red, and yellow. Silver powder cannot be added to these paints. However, after adding silver powder, the color displayed will not be the original color, and the white will become It will turn into pearl white, black will turn into shiny carbon black, red will turn into so-called burgundy, and yellow will turn into golden yellow.

Car paint maintenance: don’t ignore how to properly maintain the paint

2. How to maintain the paint of a new car you just bought?

Although there is no aging problem on the paint surface of a new car, it should be thoroughly protected before use, because when it is transported from the place of production to the parking lot, the paint has already begun to contact the air, and is attacked by rain and dust, and begins to oxidize. With timely and correct maintenance, your car's paint will be well protected.

1. New car waxing

The first thing imported cars face is the problem of wax opening. Since most imported cars are shipped by sea, in order to prevent corrosion from sea water, sea breeze and sunlight during transportation, car manufacturers will apply a layer of protective wax on the car paint surface before leaving the factory. The seed wax body contains materials such as paraffin wax, resin, and Teflon, which can maintain the protection and anti-corrosion of the car body for one year. Do not use gasoline or kerosene to remove this layer of car wax. Use a professional wax solution or go to a professional beauty care shop.

Car paint maintenance: don’t ignore how to properly maintain the paint

2. Clean the car body surface

If it is a domestically produced car, there is no such thing as waxing. However, it is best to go to an indoor dust-free manual car wash room for cleaning your car for the first time, or a car room with a better environment.

Some contaminants cannot be seen with the naked eye. Pollution from chemical components such as gum, alkali, acid, etc. should be completely removed. These contaminants cannot be removed by simply using detergent. You must wipe them bit by bit with special decontamination clay.

And don’t wax your new car casually. Some people wax their new cars after buying them back, which is not advisable. Because there is already a layer of protective wax on the paint layer of the new car, premature waxing will remove the original wax on the surface of the new car, causing unnecessary waste. Generally, there is no need to rush to wax the new car within three months of purchase.

Car paint maintenance: don’t ignore how to properly maintain the paint

3. Paint maintenance in daily car use

In the normal use of vehicles, car waxing and paint sealing are situations that car owners are more likely to encounter. As a traditional car beauty project, the function of waxing is first to prevent water and acid rain. The protection of car wax will reduce the amount of water droplets adhering to the car body.

Secondly, it is resistant to high temperature and ultraviolet rays. The film formed by waxing can reflect part of the light, effectively preventing the car paint from aging.

Secondly, car wax can prevent static electricity, and of course it also prevents dust. When a car is driving, it rubs against the air to generate static electricity, and car wax can effectively isolate the friction between the car body and the air and dust. Without static electricity, a car will naturally have less dust to absorb, and the car wax can also play a role in glazing, making the car look brighter and newer.

Car paint maintenance: don’t ignore how to properly maintain the paint

3. How should car owners maintain their car paint on a daily basis?

The correct way to protect car paint:

1. Park the car in the garage as much as possible. Avoid strong sunlight exposure when parking to reduce rain exposure.

2. Do not dry wipe the car. The small sand on it may wear the paint surface. Be sure to rinse it with water.

3. When the car is first bought, it needs to be glazed once, and in the future, it needs less polishing and more waxing.

4. Don’t park randomly when you go out to park. If it blocks the road, it will attract people to mark your car.

Car paint maintenance: don’t ignore how to properly maintain the paint

Wrong ways to protect car paint:

1. Frequently wash cars at street shops.

Some car owners think that car washing in small street shops is not much different from car washing in professional beauty shops. In fact, this is not the case, because the cheap detergents used in street shops are usually very alkaline, and the water used may not be clean. Although it can make the car body clean, it will cause great damage to the car's paint.

Car paint maintenance: don’t ignore how to properly maintain the paint

2. Too lazy to wash the car on rainy days.

Nowadays, urban air pollution is very serious. Acid rain often rains, which has a great corrosive effect on the car body. Therefore, car owners should not think that they can be lazy and not wash their cars on rainy days. In fact, it is just the opposite. They need to clean their vehicles frequently.

Car paint maintenance: don’t ignore how to properly maintain the paint

3. New cars do not need paint care.

The new car is indeed in the best condition, but paint care should be carried out from the day the new car leaves the 4S shop. The traditional Chinese medicine health regimen of "three-part treatment and seven-part nourishment" also applies to new cars. When you get a new car, the paint is the most easily damaged. Generally, there are small scratches, scratches on the paint surface, and the scars are white. That's the paint surface being scratched. There is no need to touch up the paint. Lightly, use sand wax or wax several times. If it's heavy, just polish it.

Car paint maintenance: don’t ignore how to properly maintain the paint

4. Precautions for car paint repair:

Don't trust some so-called "quick repair services" on the roadside, because repairing car paint requires many steps, and the newly repaired paint also needs time to dry. Therefore, the so-called "quick repair service" cannot completely make your car paint the same as the original one.

How to repair damaged car paint?

1. Prevent shallow scratches:

Protect your paint while it's still new. For example, a layer of mirror glaze is applied to the surface of the car body. The mirror glaze is made of high molecular polymer as the main component. It acts directly on the surface of the car paint. On the cleaned car body, use a polishing machine or manual operation to squeeze the mirror glaze into the car body through vibration. A protective film like a network is formed inside the car paint, which greatly improves the hardness of the paint surface. At the same time, the high temperature and ultraviolet resistance properties better protect the car paint. If the car is washed and waxed regularly, the mirror glaze effect can be maintained for one year. as long as.

Car paint maintenance: don’t ignore how to properly maintain the paint

2. Light scratch polishing treatment:

For vehicles with shallow scratches, polishing can be used for quick treatment. Use a polishing wheel with a polishing enhancer to remove the oxide layer attached to the car surface and smooth out the fine scratches. At the same time, the agent penetrates into the car paint and undergoes reduction changes. Not only are the shallow scratches removed, but the car paint surface is also renovated. Depending on the vehicle condition, this process only takes 30 to 40 minutes.

Car paint maintenance: don’t ignore how to properly maintain the paint

3. Exposed primer should be partially touched up:

If the scratches on the car body have exposed the primer, partial touch-up painting is necessary. For this kind of scratch, we recommend that you go to a repaint center that has a scratch repair service. They use a special repair paint, which can be repaired wherever it is scratched, avoiding the time-consuming and laborious spraying of large areas. The repair paint dries quickly, and the color can be naturally connected with the original car paint surface. There is no color difference and no traces of repairs at all.

Car paint maintenance: don’t ignore how to properly maintain the paint

Five steps in car paint repair:

There are three layers of paint covering the car body: the bottom layer is anti-rust paint, followed by primer, and then topcoat. When the car paint is scratched, the repair work can be roughly divided into five steps.

1. Sheet metal processing;

2. Rust removal treatment;

3. Primer treatment;

4. Topcoat treatment;

5. Finishing work.

Standard steps for car painting:

1. First, apply primer as a whole. The car frame is dipped in the car paint pool on the working robot arm, and then baked, and the base frame is formed.

2. Then comes the surface paint. The car's surface paint is sprayed out by a robot through several nozzles controlled by a computer. The painting robot sprays paint evenly around the car body, and then it is baked, so that the spraying of the surface paint is completed.

3. The last step is to apply wax. This refers to the paint protection wax before the car leaves the factory. This step is completed by a robot similar to spray painting.

Car paint maintenance: don’t ignore how to properly maintain the paint

After the car paint is repaired, how should the car owner check and accept it?

The simplest way is to look at the color and see if there is any difference in color between the new paint and the original paint. We know that after a car passes for a period of time, the color of the paint will change more or less under the influence of the external environment. For example, the white color will become yellowish. Also, look at the results. During the touch-up process, the paint will be somewhat contaminated with dust in the air, but after professional technicians patiently apply the film, this dust can basically be removed.

Car paint maintenance: don’t ignore how to properly maintain the paint

Things to pay special attention to when touching up paint:

1. Touch-up paint is not a trivial matter. You must go to a specialized repair shop or repair shop.

Car paint maintenance: don’t ignore how to properly maintain the paint

2. The color of the repair paint is prepared before repair.

When the vehicle is driving, the paint will gradually fade and cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. However, the degree of fading will be slightly different when viewed from different angles under outdoor sunlight. If you want to match the original color as much as possible, you can only adjust the color now. Also, in order to avoid color difference as much as possible, even if you only need a small piece of paint to be repainted, the factory will repaint the entire piece.

If there is an area on the door that needs to be repaired, use the anti-scratch strip as a boundary and spray the entire upper or lower half of the door. In this way, if there is a small color difference, it will not be easy to see.

Car paint maintenance: don’t ignore how to properly maintain the paint

3. If the original car paint is pearlescent paint, you should also use imported paint when repainting. The spray effect is good and the paint has stronger weather resistance during its shelf life.

Car paint maintenance: don’t ignore how to properly maintain the paint

4. As long as the operator is careful in computer color matching, the color difference between the prepared paint and the original paint cannot be distinguished by ordinary eyes.

There is no possibility of using the original paint for touch-up. Under normal circumstances, the car manufacturer will still recommend a designated brand of touch-up paint to a specialized repair station. Good repair stations will also use good brands, and less formal specialized repair stations may use cheaper paint out of cost reduction considerations. The effect will be about the same when you touch up the paint, but the color difference will slowly appear after three months.

Car paint maintenance: don’t ignore how to properly maintain the paint

5. Do not choose a repair shop that does not have a dedicated paint drying room.

Although the baking temperature of repair paint is relatively low, it does not mean that it does not need to be baked or replaced by other methods. On regular automobile factory production lines, painting is carried out in dust-free workshops.

Car paint maintenance: don’t ignore how to properly maintain the paint

Summarize:Car paint is the facade of a car and directly reflects the spirit of the car. Having a car with bright paint is also a sign that the owner is diligent and loves the car. Therefore, every car owner is reminded to take good care of the paint of his car to keep it as clean as new.

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