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How often to refill the fuel treasure is the most appropriate

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How long it takes to add the fuel treasure should be judged according to the type of fuel treasure, the performance of the engine and whether the car is abnormal. Generally speaking, if the car has problems such as weak driving, slow acceleration, pungent and excessive exhaust gas, obvious fuel consumption, and difficulty in starting in a cold state, it is mostly caused by carbon deposition. In this case, the owner can add the fuel treasure to the fuel tank to remove carbon deposits.

As for how often the fuel treasure is added, it is most appropriate to depend on the driving of the car.mileageand interval time. If the car is new and its mileage is less than 20,000 kilometers, there is no need to add fuel treasure. In addition, if the performance of the car is relatively good, the engine has no carbon deposits, and no fuel treasure is added, it will not have any effect.

If the car has been used for more than seven or eight years or the total mileage has exceeded 100,000 kilometers, then adding clean fuel treasure to the car will effectively remove carbon deposits and improve engine performance. However, what needs to be known is that the addition of fuel treasure is carried out according to the cycle. If the car has serious carbon deposition, it is necessary to add fuel treasure many times to effectively solve the problem of carbon deposition.

Generally speaking, the fuel treasure needs to be added according to the cycle, 6 times is a cycle, and the car with serious carbon deposits can be added for two cycles, that is, 12 times, so that the fuel treasure will effectively remove the carbon deposits in the engine and improve its performance. , to avoid the decline of the function of the car parts and the stuck piston ring, and prevent the engine from pulling the cylinder.