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Is adding fuel oil good for the car?Is fuel treasure useful?

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Whether the fuel treasure is good for the car depends on whether the car owner uses the right product and chooses the right product. The reason why some people think that the car has no effect after adding the fuel treasure is that they do not use the product at all, and the fuel treasure is useless, and naturally some people think it is useless. So, how should the fuel treasure be added to be good for the car?

1. From the point of view of function, fuel oil is divided into clean fuel oil and combustion-supporting fuel oil. If you want to increase the performance of the engine, add a combustion-supporting fuel treasure. If you want to clean the carbon deposits inside the car, you should use the clean fuel treasure. If you want to clean up the carbon deposits on the car and choose a fuel-supporting fuel treasure, it will naturally not have any effect.

2. Choose the right product to get twice the result with half the effort. Clean fuel oil is a common "nemesis" of carbon deposition in daily life. However, some people think that there is no need to buy branded products for this product, as long as you buy any product and add it to the fuel tank, it will be effective. But this is not the case, because the inferior fuel treasure not only has a bad effect on cleaning up carbon deposits, but also damages the engine performance, which is far less effective than the good brand products.

3. Whether fuel treasure is good for the car is a matter of opinion.But generally speaking, the carbon deposition is more serious, drivingmileageMore than 100,000 kilometers and older cars are more suitable for using the fuel treasure. At least one cycle, as many as two cycles, will have obvious effects. Not only will the car exhaust less, but even the engine performance will be much better. Therefore, if you want to know whether the fuel treasure is useful or not, it is very important to choose and use the right product.