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What are the side effects after adding fuel treasure?

Blog 2周前 (06-15) 19 Views

Fuel Oil is a gasoline additive that can make up for some of the defects of gasoline and optimize the performance of the car.but some peopleFind, After using the fuel treasure, not only the engine parts are damaged, but there are even problems such as cylinder knocking and knocking, which is puzzling. The reason for these abnormal situations is mostly related to the excessive addition of fuel treasure.

Under normal circumstances, the proper use of fuel treasure can not only remove carbon deposits on auto parts, but also optimize engine performance and bring a better experience to car owners. However, if the fuel oil is added too much, it will lead to aggravation of carbon deposition in the combustion chamber, resulting in increased mechanical and thermal load of the engine, resulting in damage to engine parts such as exhaust valves, pistons and cylinder walls, and even causing engine damage. There are problems such as knocking and knocking.

So, is it not necessary to use the fuel treasure in moderation to have no side effects? Judging from user feedback, this is not the case. The reason for this is that the technical threshold of the fuel treasure is very high, and the market is full of a large number of inferior products. If the owner uses such a fuel treasure, it will not only not optimize the performance of the car, but may also cause damage to the engine, so be careful Add to.

To sum up, if you want to avoid side effects after adding fuel treasure, car owners should choose good brands and genuine products, rather than buying fake and shoddy products.businessThen, when adding fuel oil, control the amount to avoid increasing the carbon deposition in the engine, affecting the driving experience and polluting the environment.