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CVT gearbox oil change is a pit? Don’t change the CVT transmission oil

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After hearing that some manufacturers claim that their CVT gearboxes are maintenance-free for life, many car owners feel that CVT gearboxes do not need oil changes. However, this is not the case. The CVT gearbox also needs to be changed regularly. However, it should be noted that the special gearbox oil for CVT must be used, and the so-called general gearbox oil cannot be used for a long time.

When should the CVT transmission oil be changed?

In general, we only need tobusinessReplacement suggested. If the manufacturer does not specify the oil change time, then the CVT gearbox should be replaced every 60,000-80,000 kilometers.

Which way do CVT choose to change the oil?

The transmission has two methods of gravity oil change and circulating machine oil change. The CVT gearbox is more recommended to use the circulating machine to change the oil, because this method is more thorough, and the gravity oil change, due to the structure of the CVT gearbox, will cause the oil to be drained uncleanly. However, the oil change of the cycle machine is more expensive than the gravity oil change, and it consumes more oil.

What oil should I change for the CVT transmission?

Similarly, what type of lubricating oil should be used in the transmission, it is best to follow the manufacturer's recommended type of transmission oil. If it is replaced at will, it may cause the transmission oil to fail to lubricate the gears completely and increase the wear.

To change the oil of the CVT gearbox, the filter element should also be replaced by the way. The reason is that the CVT gearbox itself has a large amount of wear and tear and will generate more debris. In order to prevent the debris from entering the valve body and causing serious failure, replace the new filter element. The best filtering effect can be maintained.