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What maintenance skills do novices need to master

Blog 9个月前 (05-26) 64 Views

Know the condition of your own car, including the size; be familiar with simple vehicle maintenance and maintenance; learn to understand various operation buttons on the instrument panel and the driver's console through the manual; be familiar with traffic laws and road signs; be proficient in dealing with various road conditions; Use the triangle warning sign; remember to keep the insurance company's phone number; carry fire extinguishers and first aid kits with you in the car.


As the saying goes, what makes perfect, especially skill-based operations, so it is the same for novice drivers. Only with sufficient proficiency can we better deal with emergencies in a timely manner and avoid greater accidents. Therefore, in addition to being familiar with various traffic rules and basic driving precautions, novice drivers also need to practice driving skills frequently to improve driving sensitivity. In addition, you need to be careful and concentrate when driving, and avoid fatigue driving and distracted driving, which will cause great safety hazards in driving.