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Are Bridgestone tires made in China?

Blog 11个月前 (05-26) 95 Views

Bridgestone tires are not made in China, Bridgestone is a Japanese brand. It is Bridgestone Co., Ltd., which ranks in the forefront of the world's rubber and tire industry, and is one of the world's three tire giants. Bridgestone tires are manufactured using new technology to provide the best performance and durability, ensure water drainage performance while improving grip performance, not only save vehicle fuel, but also ensure safety performance.

As an important part of the car, tires play an important role in the safety performance of the car. If the quality of the car tires is not good, it is easy to cause puncture, deformation, bulging, etc., which not only brings inconvenience to the journey, but also threatens the driver. and passenger safety. The better tire brands on the market include Michelin, Continental, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Dunlop, Hankook, etc. Michelin is the world's number one brand and the inventor of radial tires. Michelin tires have good comfort and quiet performance, and are more fuel-efficient. German Continental tires are good in terms of comfort and quiet performance, but poor in terms of fuel economy. The combination of stability and grip is the strongest in the Italy Pailei tires, which are more sporty.