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What is the cause of BMW N52 engine idling shake

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It may be due to a problem with the ignition system, resulting in idling vibration caused by lack of cylinders. The ignition system needs to be tested, or it may be because the carbon deposit in the intake port is too serious, and a large amount of carbon deposit in the intake port needs to be cleaned.

The inline six-cylinder engine used by the BMW N52 is a very classic product of the BMW brand. It has always provided power for many BMW models. The achievements are so memorable that even today, many consumers are still fascinated. The N52 series engine adopts variable valve lift technology and adds a large amount of magnesium-aluminum alloy, which makes its performance rank among the top among naturally aspirated engines and is widely used in BMW's mid-to-high-end models. In addition, its N52B30 inline six-cylinder 3.0-liter engine is matched with a ZF six-speed transmission, which makes BMW's attainments in naturally aspirated inline six-cylinder engines a strong competitiveness.