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Rear wiper replacement tutorial

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in lifewiperIt may be familiar to many people, and it is a part of many cars, especially for SUVs, MPVs and other types of cars. But if the rear wiper is broken, do you know how to replace the rear wiper? First of all, we can choose to go to a special repair shop to replace it. The advantage of this is to ensure that the rear wiper can be replaced in a timely and correct manner, and it is relatively labor-saving.

In addition, we can choose to replace it by ourselves. In fact, the wiper is relatively simple after replacement, and the steps are not very complicated. You need to find the model of your car's rear wiper first and buy it. Then if it is a rear boneless wiper, you need to open the groove part first, and then pull the rear wiper and the rear wiper arm to separate. It can be disassembled by lifting it slightly.

Then open the groove of the new rear wiper and install it at the card slot of the car, and finally pull it up to replace it. Finally, don't forget to cover the cover. If there is a bone wiper at the rear, it should be raised to about 180 degrees. Then put your thumb in its gap, press down to separate it, and finally install it, which is also aligned with the card slot of the car to complete the installation.

The last thing to note is that the place where the U-shaped wall and the glass may come into contact need to be blocked with a towel to avoid the U-shaped wall falling during the replacement process and smashing the windshield of our car. The above is the whole process of our rear wiper replacement. If we need to replace the wiper in our life, we can choose to go to the repair shop, because this is not only convenient but also more worry-free, and can accurately guarantee that the rear wiper can be replaced, but it may be slightly more expensive.

In addition, we can also choose to operate by ourselves and replace according to the tutorial. However, it is necessary to pay special attention to selecting the correct wiper model to avoid inappropriate situations, which will be difficult to install.