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How to switch the rear wiper

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in lifewiperIt is a vehicle equipment with a very high usage rate. For some novice drivers, there will be such a question: how to switch the rear wiper? In fact, the operation method is very simple. The rear wipers only need to wave the control lever in the opposite direction of the driver.

Then you can controlWiperSwing it, just turn it to the OFF key to turn it off when you're done cleaning. However, it should be noted that this method is not suitable for all cars, because the design of each car is unique, so the specific operation method may still be different, but the overall method is still similar.

It may just be a different change in the direction in which the button is rotated. You can ask the car for the specific operation method.businessHome, better to operate.if in lifeFindAfter use, the wiper feels that the resistance is particularly large and needs to be checked in time.

Because there may be foreign objects that hinder its normal operation, only simple cleaning or smearing is requiredglass of water, toothpaste can be very good to play a soothing effect. If it still cannot be operated and used smoothly, it is necessary to go to a specialized repair shop for further inspection.

Finally, one thing that needs to be specially reminded for the majority of drivers is that the wipers at the rear of the car must be cleaned and replaced regularly. Because the use rate of wipers in life is relatively high, the degree of aging and wear will be greater. Therefore, it is very necessary to carry out regular inspection and cleaning, so as not to affect normal driving because of its problems.