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Can antifreeze and water be mixed?Half water and half antifreeze

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I believe many car owners know that car antifreeze is very important. The full name of car antifreeze is called antifreeze coolant, so it is actually a kind of coolant. It has a very strong antifreeze function, which can prevent the car from being damaged due to low temperature Frozen or heat dissipation failure, etc., need to be used in winter, but also essential in summer. Therefore, half water and half antifreeze cannot have a good antifreeze effect, and antifreeze and water cannot be mixed.

1. Antifreeze has a very good antifreeze effect. If it is mixed with water, its effect will be weakened, so that the antifreeze effect will not be achieved. If the car uses antifreeze mixed with water for a long time, it will also make the car A lot of scale is produced, which leads to a great decrease in the function of the engine, which has a great impact on the car.

2. When we use antifreeze, the consumption of antifreeze may occur due to the overheating of the engine.FindWhen the antifreeze is not between the highest scale line and the lowest scale line of the water tank, we need to replenish the antifreeze. If you don’t have enough antifreeze on hand, you can use distilled water temporarily, but it must be done in time afterwards. Pump out all the antifreeze and replace with new antifreeze.

Many car owners may add water to the antifreeze in order to save money. This will not only have no antifreeze effect, but also have a very large impact on the engine, so this is not advisable.