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What are the consequences of driving without antifreeze?What’s the harm in running out of antifreeze?

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The lack of antifreeze in the car will cause the engine temperature to be too high, and the radiator will not work properly, which will cause problems with the operation of the car engine. When the car lacks antifreeze, it needs to be added in time, otherwise it will affect the normal driving of the car. .

If the car does not have antifreeze and continues to drive, it will cause the car engine and radiator to lack cooling and protection, then the engine is likely to be damaged due to excessive temperature, and the car cannot perform normal circulation. The temperature of the engine will become very high, which will affect normal operation. So you can't drive on the road without antifreeze.

So, how do we judge whether there is antifreeze in the car? First of all, if the antifreeze warning light on the dashboard is on, it is likely to be due to the lack of antifreeze. We can check the antifreeze water tank. If there is no antifreeze or the antifreeze is lower than the minimum mark, then we need to add antifreeze in time.

Antifreeze plays a very important role in the car, it can prevent freezing in the very low temperature in winter, so that the engine can maintain the normal working temperature. Because the boiling point value and freezing point value of antifreeze are higher than water, it is not easy to evaporate when encountering high temperature, and it is not easy to freeze when encountering low temperature, which is very advantageous, so it is indispensable in the car. antifreeze.