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Tips on how to tear off the old car film

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I believe that many drivers will encounter such a problem in their lives: how to tear off the old film of the car. In fact, there are also many tips here, that is, you can choose to use a special glue removal knife for processing, and then use a cleaning solution to clean it up.

When many drivers want to replace the car film on the car surface, they will first clean the old film of the car itself, because the time is relatively long, the old film will produce a lot of glue, and it is difficult to clean it easily. At this time, you can choose to use a special tool: a glue remover. Its blade is different from ordinary blades, so you must pay special attention to avoid cutting the car glass when using it.

After removing the old film, it willFindThere is a lot of sticky glue accumulated on the car body. You can go to a special car beauty shop to buy some cleaning fluids to effectively clean the impurities on the car body, so as to avoid residues and affect the next step of filming. If it is difficult to treat it effectively by yourself, you can go to a specialized beauty shop for treatment.

When encountering some places with a lot of glue that are difficult to clean, you can use a cotton swab to dip a certain amount of balsamic essence to wipe it. Conducive to further cleaning work. If you don't like the taste of fenugreek or don't have fenugreek, you can choose to use alcohol instead. When continuously brushing the glue on the glass with a brush coated with alcohol, you can also see that the glue on the glass slowly softens and dissolves continuously. .