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Can I still drive with the coolant fault light on?Can I still drive the car coolant alarm?

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If the car's antifreeze level warning fault light is on, then we can't continue driving. If the engine continues to drive without the cooling effect of antifreeze, the temperature of the engine will become higher and higher, resulting in damage to the engine, and the engine will be scrapped due to the high temperature.

1. When the antifreeze alarm fault light of the car is on, there are generally two situations. The first is that the antifreeze is not enough. If this is the case, it is easier to solve it. Just get off the car and add antifreeze. The second possibility is that the coolant boils while the car is driving, which causes the antifreeze fault light to come on.

2. In the process of exercising, if weFindIf the antifreeze fault light is on, if the road conditions permit, we can choose to stop and check to help cool down.

3. If it is found that the antifreeze fault light is on, the engine cannot be turned off immediately after parking, and the engine cover should be opened first to cool it down quickly. At this time, you can't unscrew the cover of the water tank immediately, because the pressure of the cooling system may be very high. Once the refrigerant is turned on, it will become a fountain. You need to wait for a while and then gently twist the cover with a wet towel.

If the fault light of antifreeze is on, we must stop in time for inspection, and if conditions permit, add antifreeze in time to drive normally. We also need to regularly check the car cooling system and antifreeze in our daily driving life.