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How about the change of spark plug gap

Blog 2周前 (08-01) 31 Views

Car spark plugs are a very important part and are associated with car engines. If the gap between the spark plugs becomes larger, there may be insufficient combustion, engine problems, instability, etc., and it will be very awkward and unsafe during driving.

1. If the gap between the spark plugs of the car is too large, the area will actually become larger. According to reason, it may burn more fully, but the reality is not the case. Too much clearance can lead to poor ignition, which can result in insufficient combustion and even increase the car's fuel consumption.

2. The spark plug of the car is connected to the engine of the car. If the gap of the spark plug becomes larger, the engine may also have certain problems. If it goes on for a long time, it may also damage the engine.

In fact, the spark plug not only becomes larger, it will have a certain impact. If the spark plug is too small, it will also affect the use of the car engine. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the gap of the spark plug, and this step should be done when it is just installed. If it gradually becomes larger during use, if it can be repaired by ourselves, we can repair it ourselves, if not, we can go to the repair shop and ask the maintenance workers to help.

Every part of the car is very important. If there is a problem in any place, it may cause the function of the car to decline, the sense of use of the car to be reduced, and may even lead to traffic accidents. Therefore, everyone should bring their own Vehicle maintenance, prevent problems before they happen.