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How to deal with car film blistering?Can the car sticker have bubbles in the sun?

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I believe that many drivers will encounter such a problem in their lives: how to deal with the bubbles in the car film? Can the bubbles of the car film be dried by drying it? In fact, the problem of car film bubbles is very common, mainly due to water vapor, which can be alleviated by drying.

There are many reasons for bubbles in the car film in life, and the most common reason is related to the appearance of water vapor inside it. Generally, it can disappear after one to two days in the sun. You don’t need to worry too much. If it is in winter, it may take about half a month to a month to disappear. It needs to be reminded that if it is caused by more filming For the problem of air bubbles, in addition to sun exposure, try to avoid opening windows.

The reason for the bubbles in the car film may also be caused by not cleaning the film and the glass surface when the film is applied. When there are impurities between the two, it will also cause air bubbles in the car film. If it is serious, it needs to be redone. paste.

Another possibility is that the quality of the car film is not very good. For some inferior car films, if they are used for a long time, there may be problems of degumming and wrinkling, and small bubbles will gradually appear. If the bubble is too small, it can be dealt with by puncturing it with a utility knife and then scraping it flat. If the area is too large, you need to go to a special beauty shop for treatment, and replace it if necessary.

Finally, what I suggest to the majority of drivers and friends is: Be sure to go to a regular store for operations such as filming, so as to avoid quality problems.