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Which is better, boneless wipers or bone wipers?The difference between a wiper blade with a bone and a boneless

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do you know?WiperBecause the wear and tear of long-term use will be relatively large, it needs to be replaced and cleaned regularly. At present, there are two main types of wipers on the market: boneless wipers and bone wipers. So do you know which one is better?

In fact, the difference between the two wipers is not very big, but the boneless wiper will be better. Before saying which of the two is better, we must distinguish the specific difference between the two. First of all, for the boneless wiper, as the name implies, it is supported without a hanger, which can better fit closely with the glass. As a result, it is less noisy, has less friction with the glass, and suffers less damage.

For the bone wiper, it can better clean up some relatively difficult garbage such as bird droppings. But at the same time, because it belongs to the bone wiper, it will produce a certain degree of noise when cleaning.

Therefore, the conclusion that can be drawn from the above is that the boneless wiper is more cost-effective, and it is also the one that many drivers will choose now. It can not only clean up the rain better, but also can reduce the wear and tear of the glass The noise is relatively better to use.

But it needs special attention because the boneless wiper has more advantages than the bone wiper, so its price will be relatively expensive. Therefore, the specific choice of the two still needs the driver to make a choice based on his own situation.